Your Home Plumbing Repair Professionals

Your Home Plumbing Repair Professionals


EC Plumbing has more than 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Over the years we have seen every kind of pipe issue that you can image. Our team of expert plumbers will take the time to evaluate your situation and determine exactly what needs to be fixed. We have years of experience and the latest technology to ensure your pipe problem is diagnosed and repaired right the first time.

Pipe problems are bound to arise in older homes because of the types of pipes that used to be installed. In older homes galvanized piping was used for years because it is known to last long. However, eventually rot sets in which leads to numerous problems that can effect the integrity of your home. It is important that if you see signs of rotting pipes that you tackle the problem right away, so that you do not have an emergency situation.

In newer neighborhoods polybutylene pipe become a popular substitute for copper pipes because it is inexpensive. However, this type of pipe gets brittle and deteriorates quickly. It is important that if you see signs of damaged pipes that you get them repaired quickly to avoid major damages.

EC Plumbing is very experienced in the replacement of these pipes and can do it on any scale. Call us today to schedule an appointment, 309-936-0255!